Upcoming show at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery - Saturday 22 July 2017, 4-6pm



Donna Malone’s paper collage/drawings begin compulsively with the need to order and deconstruct, so as, to lay the foundation for an absorbed reconstruction. In the studio, bits of torn and cut-up paper, with drawings or pattern and marks on paper, together with found photographs and small, hoarded objects form a growing pile on the work table. Individual pieces are then picked for size, colour, weight, feel and ‘magic’.

Some are discarded, or simplified, arranged the rearranged, assembled and reassembled, drawn over, manipulated and coaxed in the quest for the ‘It’, the ‘Sweet Spot’, the Primeval, the Mystical, the Real... Growing and Spinning until they can fully exist on their own terms.

Through the simplicity of her structures and the clarity of the forms her MIRACULOS collages suggest holes into another time and dimension. The layer upon layer construction move these pieces deeper into their own universal dimension, to a meeting space, a contemplative space for the viewer to lose – or indeed remember – themselves for a moment out of time. There are places where the line becomes descriptive of moments passing (suns rising, moons setting) and the gesture evokes the tide, the breath, the Spirit, the Miraculous.

Donna spent a month in and around Barcelona in September 2016, where she came across the art of Miro and Tapies that she had only ever seen in books. The energy contained within these works had a profound effect on her soul and her practise. As she gathered vintage paper ephemera from the market stalls the poetic Catalan atmosphere of the ancient city found a place to reside within her and it was here that these Miraculos (Catalan for Miraculous) collages started forming and becoming…